About My Team

Every member of my team is the owner of their own Virtual Assistant business.

Skilled Professionals

Every member of my team is the owner of their own Virtual Assistant business. Each is fully trained in the area(s) of expertise that they are passionate about. 

I like to say we all have our own super power, and it is very fortunate that we all have a different super power. That way we can all work, help and grow our own business while helping you grow yours.

I believe that we can all do wonderful things on our own, but we can accomplish spectacular things when we work together.

Let's Accomplish More Together

I created Taylor Virtual Group, so each of us can have more opportunities to help more people do spectacular things in their business.

More importantly, our clients only need to look in one place to find all the different superpowers their business needs to grow and thrive. 

How Much Is Your Time Worth?

How much more can you do if you were allowed to only work your strength?

What takes you hours can take a virtual assistance only minutes. How much do you make in an hour? You may only need assistance for a few hours a month. How much more can you earn by working to your strength and hiring to your weakness?

Taylor Virtual Group understands that there comes a time when you need to focus your zone of genius into doing what only you can do. But there is so much more that has to be done. I call this the "Work to your strength -Hire to Your Weakness" zone.

You Don't Have to Do It All Yourself!

Book a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Call, in which we will talk about your needs, along with the programs/software/platforms you are currently utilizing.

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